Carnaval di Aruba

Carnaval 2020

4-2, Calypso & Roadmarch Contest Pre-Finals.
5-2, Calypso & Roadmarch Contest Pre-Finals.
6-2, Calypso & Roadmarch Contest Pre-Finals.
7-2, Aruba’s 66th Carnaval Queen Election & Show.
8-2, Calypso & Roadmarch Contest Grand FINAL.
9-2, Aruba Children Parade in San Nicolas.
12-2, Aruba’s 26th Mrs. Carnaval competition in Oranjestad.
13-2, Hebbe Hebbe Chill Concert in Oranjestad.
15-2, 55th Noord Children Parade in Noord.
15-2, Aruba Tivoli LIGHTING PARADE in Oranjestad.
16-2, Aruba Big Children Parade in Oranjestad.
18-2, Tourist Night Steelband and Costume Show.
20-2, San Nicolas Lighting Parade in San Nicolas.
21-2, Balashi Ban Djo Djo Party in Talk of the Town Parking.
22-2, Jouvert Morning Pajamas Parade in San Nicolas.
22-2, BIG SATURDAY Aruba Carnival Parade in San Nicolas.
22-2, Street cruising the Route on the “Night Before” in Oranjestad
23-2, BIG SUNDAY Aruba BIG CARNAVAL 66 PARADE in Oranjestad.
24-2, Parade and Burning of Momito saying goodbye in San Nicolas.
25-2, Last Farewell Carnaval Street Party and Parade in Oranjestad.
25-2, Street Party ends with Burning of King Momo saying goodbye..